Schneckloth Stump Removal offers State, County, City, and Job Site contracts for stump removal and ground clearing services in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.

​Commercial Stump Removal and Ground Clearing Services

Residential Stump Removal Service

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Schneckloth Removal Service is proud to offer senior and military discounts.

Quad Cities Stump Removal Services

“Tired of mowing around stumps? Give us a call; we’d be happy to supply you with a free quote to remove the stump for you.”

Our Residential Stump Removal equipment can handle the largest tree stumps and smaller “yard friendly” equipment that won’t damage your yard.

Optional clean-up: To save money, we have customers that prefer to clean up the tree stump chips themselves. However, we can remove the chips, haul away, and fill hole with black dirt. We’d be happy to quote this for you.

If there is concern of underground utilities or risks, we “Call Julie” to have all hazards marked and identified prior to beginning work. This is at no cost to the customer or contractor.

Small Tree Removal and Pruning:  Along with stump removal our company also offers removal of small trees and pruning for your residential lawn care needs.

Trees that are taken down need the stump removed. This prevents the spread of disease, makes way for new development, removes a trip hazard and improves the beauty of your property.

"In most cases, we can take care of your stump removal needs cheaper than renting a stump grinder."

Schneckloth Stump Removal​

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